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It's Hurricane Season!

FACT: The 2017 Hurricane Season was one of the most destructive on record with damages exceeding $200+ billion in the United States alone. 

Are you prepared?

Currently, researchers and experts are predicting a slightly above average 2018 Hurricane Season which could lead to a repeat of the 2017 devastation. 

Listed below are a few helpful resources:

Hurricane Preparedness:

  • For information on severe weather preparation, please visit

  • Stay up to date on the weather, including tracking storm paths and projections from the National Hurricane Center

  • Review the Hurricane Playbook and use the Hurricane Information Sheet provided by FEMA for additional tips.

Claim Reporting: Conner Strong & Buckelew is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need to report a claim during normal business hours, please reach out to your Claim Consultant. If you need to report a claim outside of normal business hours, please call (877) 861-3220 and you will be directed to the On-Call Consultant.

See Important Reminders Should You Sustain a Property Loss

Additional Information and Resources:

  • The 2018 Hurricane Season Begins in 2 Weeks - and Early Forecasts Predict More Storms

  • Advisen: Experts predict another destructive hurricane season

  • Advisen: 2017 Set a Record for Losses From Natural Disasters. It Could Get Worse

  • The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season: Catastrophic Losses & Costs

  • 2017 US Climate Disasters – National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration


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