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Workers' Compensation

Questions about Workers’ Comp? Ask Audrey! Check out her bio to learn more.

Ask Audrey

Meet Audrey Allsopp, our Workers’ Compensation Practice Leader. Audrey brings over 25 years of experience resolving multi-line complex claims with an emphasis on worker’s compensation to our Claims Department. She is an advocate for our clients and ensures prompt and fair claim handling.

The Basics


  • Forms: This resource provides commonly used workers’ compensation forms, including an accident witness statement, sample return to work letters, accident investigation forms and more.

  • Return to Work Program Guide: This guide will help you construct an effective return to work program and create meaningful work assignments for workers injured both on and off the job.

  • Business Insurance: This news source provides readers with the latest news and trends on workers' compensation insurance.

Hot Topics

  • Workers' Compensation Issues to Watch: This article discusses 20 issues the workers' compensation community should be monitoring in 2019.

  • Keeping “Medical Only” Claims From Turning into Indemnity Claims: To keep medical only claims from evolving, employers and third-party administrators must manage them effectively and mitigate costs while helping injured employees promptly and safely return to work. Read this article to learn more.

  • Medical Marijuana: Legalized marijuana, whether medical or recreational, is finding its roots nationwide. This article highlights implications for workers compensation. Also, if you’re wondering what the law is in your state, this marijuana legalization map clearly defines the laws in each state and remains up-to-date with the latest changes every month.

  • The Opioid Epidemic: This eBook discusses how employers can utilize employee benefits and workers’ compensation to fight back.

Claim Reporting

One of the most important steps you can take to manage your claims effectively is to notify the insurance carrier promptly. Of course, when an event occurs, it is essential to ensure that injured parties receive the proper medical treatment, and if the loss is severe, the scene is preserved. After that, it is also critically important to respond with timely claim reporting so the carrier can begin their investigation and determine compensability. If you have questions on how or when to report a claim, please reach out to your Claim Consultant or call our 24/7 Emergency Claim Hotline at (877) 861-3220.



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